GMCE Spring Fling Open Nationals 2010 - Kettering, OH - 03/27/2010 - 03/28/2010

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Ally Flechtner-Zane Trace
Alyssa Beavers-Studio All Stars
Brooklyn Holloway-Spectrum
C.O. All Star Elite
Cailin Wright-Gotta Flip Twisters
Caitlynn & Josie-Gotta Flip
Cheer One Red Devils
Cheer One Red Devils Mini
Cheer Xtreme
Citywide Rising Stars
Citywide Shooting Stars
Citywide Xtreme Pop Stars
Clinton Massie School
CWS Saints-Dynasty
CWS Saints-Heritage
CWS Saints-Legacy
CWS Saints-Legend
CWS Saints-Tradition
Dayton Academy Wildcats
FYCA Elite
GC Starz
GC Starz Minis
Gotta Flip Twisters
Gym-Nation -Gems
Hailee & Livvy-Studio All Stars
Hannah McManaway-Studio All Stars
Heir Force
Hoosier Rebels
Jasmyne Jones-HHYFC Warriors
Kaylee Levan-Studio All Stars
Little Miami
Madison & Abby-Studio All Stars
Marissa & Molly-Cheer Xtreme
Marley Hosier-Studio All Stars
Marley& Chloee-Studio All Stars
Marley, Hannah & Chloee-Studio
Miami Valley Christian Academy
Midwest Cheer Elite
Mustang - Ponies
Mustang - Thunder
Mustang All Stars "Hot Mess"
Mustang All Stars "Little Bits"
Mystical Dancers
Mystical Dancers Wee
Premier Snow Storm
Premier Storm "Rainbow Storm"
Premier Storm "Sprinkle Storm"
Premier- Tsunami Storm
Premier-Hurricane Storm
Premiere - Typhoon Storm
Pride Athletics
Rachel-Studio All Stars
Sarah Powell-Gotta Flip Twisters
Special Edition
Spectrum All Stars
Spectrum All Stars (coed)
Spectrum-Hannah, Haley, Cameron, Haley, & Brooklyn
St Paris Graham Falcons
Studio All Stars
Studio All Stars Tiny Superstars
Studio All Stars-Hannah, Ashley, Alexis, Catelyn, & Shalynn
Studio All Stars-Madison, Marley, Hannah, Abby & Tate
Summit Academy Angels
Test Team
Twister All Stars
UCC - Infinity
UCC - Spirit
Valley View Spartans
West Mound
West Vigo Middle School
Zane Trace
Zane Trace Youth Cheer


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