Greater Midwest Cheer and Dance Expo - Fairfield, OH - 11/21/2009

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AACF Enchanted
AACF Prime Tyme
AACF RecLess
AACF Cdance non cents
AACF Destrucshon
AACF Diva Starz
AACF Majestic
AACF Showtyme
Adrianna Lopez - Cheerworks Sparks
Alaina Hackworth - Findlay Cheer Elite
Alexis Campos - Cheerworks Sparks
Barbara Waller - Findlay Cheer Elite
Cheerworks Sparklers
Cheerworks Sparks
Cheerworks Sparks Black Kats
Cheerworks Sparks Glitter Gang
Cheerworks Sparks Lightning
Citywide GangStars
Citywide PunkStars
Citywide Rising Stars
Citywide Shining Stars
Citywide Sparkling Stars
Citywide Superstars
Colerain Angels
CSW Saints Dynasty
CSW Saints Legacy
CWS Saints Heritage
CWS Saints Tradition
Destiny Zasada - Cheerworks Sparks
Dylan Gessner - Cheerworks Sparks
Edgewood HS
Findlay Cheer Elite
Franklin Middle School
FYCA Elite
Gina Diehl - Cheerworks Sparks
Glen Este Trojans
Jasmyne Jones - HHYFC
Jenalynne, Caitlin - Ohio Cheer Acad.
Jenna Wheeler - All American Cheer Elite
Keara Williams - Findlay Cheer Elite
Kennedy & Kira - BDC
Kristian Brown - AACF
Lexi McLemore - Twist N Turns
Malia Gehrish - Findlay Cheer Elite
McKinley Gessner - Cheerworks Sparks
Michelle Bowles - Cheerworks Sparks
Midwest Magic Hypnotic
Midwest Cheer Elite
Midwest Magic All Stars Prestige
Midwest Magic All Stars Shazaam
Midwest Magic Believe
Midwest Magic Charm
Midwest Magic Illusion
Olivia Wetzel - Cheerworks Sparks
Paige Kreusch - Twisters All Stars
Renee Blair - Cheerworks Sparks
Risa Lindamood - Findlay Cheer Elite
Sara Bowman - Twisters All Stars
SD All Stars
Test Team
Twist N Turn Comets
Twist N Turns Comets
Ultimate Spirit Academy
Wilson Middle School


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